“Leave nothing but footprints in the sand”

We love creating amazing memories for our guests. We love to share our favourite sports, our favourite food and our favourite places. At the same time we see the challenges, tourism brings with it and want to make a difference. This is how the idea behind WalkingTuna was born. 

The concept of WalkingTuna has one plain and simple goal: to create incomparable experiences for you. On all possible levels. 

To make sure you get the perfect and well deserved vacation, we focus on our 4 pillars.

Those are: Adventure, Gastronomy, Home & Community.


In all our destinations you will find a set of exciting outdoor adventures to choose from. Wether it’s water sports like surfing / SUP, or land based activities like Yoga, Hiking, Canyoning… we make sure you find what you like. What’s special about that? You tailor your own experience! At WalkingTuna you choose freely and create your perfect vacation right from the start. Find out more about our adventures here .


We love good, high quality food- you will notice that. We need it to support our active lifestyle and simply because it makes us feel good.

Feed your body and soul every single day. 

At all our destinations we work with experienced chefs who would like to take you on a culinary journey. Find out more about our food culture here .


There’s no place like home, right? When we travel, we leave our comfort zones and challenge ourselves. While we cover the exciting part of your experience with our adventures, we want you to feel comfortable and disconnect in a place that feels like home. Our retreats take place in selected locations. Affordable luxury, recreation and coziness are very important and every detail is being paid attention to.

Find out more about our destinations here .


What are your best memories connected to? A place? A taste? Or friendly people? We believe that all those elements play their part. There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met. Share your adventures with your partners & friends and become part of the WalkingTuna family. Our places are the perfect environment for groups as well as solo travellers. This vibe is important to us and we would like to share it with you.


The foundation of our concept is ecological sustainability. We really don’t want to “leave nothing but footprints in the sand” and made a promise that everything connected to our project will be determined by the footprint it leaves. Wether it’s the adventures we offer, the food we cook or the waste we recycle- it all comes down to the question: how do I want future generations to experience what I found here? Find out what sustainability means to us and how we compensate the carbon emissions of your travels here.

Meet the founders

Our founders Justin and Philipp are nature lovers, surfers and travellers. They share the same ideals and left their comfort zones in order to live close to the ocean. After years of employment in tourism, they finally decided to follow their passions and create something completely new. It should make their guests feel challenged and comfortable at the same time. It should offer luxury and pleasure but be eco friendly. The result was a place where likeminded people come together, make room for themselves, for recreation and challenge, for joy and awareness. This is WalkingTuna.

Philipp is a great example for someone who radically changed his life around.

He is originally from Northern Germany, living most of his time in Hamburg as he studied industrial engineering and renewable energies. 

After a promising career and quite a few years in the corporate world, he decided to turn his back on the fast-paced lifestyle. After doing a complete 180, he set up his live so that it revolved around the ocean. 

He started to teach surfing in surf camps and schools all over the world (Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Morocco to name a few).

You can usually find him at sunrise somewhere where the waves are good, as he finds his peace in a morning session.