Promoting minimum impact travel

We love creating amazing memories for our guests. We love sharing our favourite activities, our favourite food and our favourite places. However, we recognise the challenges tourism brings with it, and have set out to make a difference. This is how the idea behind Outeroutes was born. 

The concept has one plain and simple goal: to create incomparable experiences for you, with minimum impact on the environment. 

The concept is built on four “main pillars”. These have been designed and aligned in order to provide you with the vacation sought after, the vacation you deserve. 

The pillars are: Adventure, Gastronomy, Home & Community.

All pillars are built on the foundation of our little to no impact goal. Sustainability is what drives us. We aim to inspire a shift in the modern hospitality industry.











Meet the founders

Our founders Justin and Philipp are nature lovers, surfers and travellers. Their passions and ideals in life made them leave the comfort of their homes, in search of a life close to the ocean and amidst an environment they cherish the most. After years of employment in tourism, they finally decided to follow their dream and create something inherently new. 

The idea was inspired during the many surf and tourism related jobs done over the years. The environment of their employment made them realise that fresh ideas within this industry was yet to be tapped in to. The result of many brainstorm sessions and experience related ideas has evidently led to the company. 

A place where guests feel challenged and comfortable at the same time. A place where luxury is offered in an affordable fashion. A place where like minded people meet and enjoy the essentials of life; a feeling of home, the outdoors, great food and a community. 

This is Outeroutes.


Hey guys, I’m Justin! Great to have you scrolling around on our website! 

So, me in a nutshell:

I was born in Aruba, moved to the Netherlands when I was 15 and lived there till I was about 23 years old. During college I started to travel a lot and fell in love with adventure and exploring new and exciting places. Most of my travels were done in places with crazy nature and awesome waves!

During college I always thought I would end up working as a sustainability consultant. The environmental crises always resonated deeply with me and I wanted to do something about it. After graduating however I never did what I thought I was going to do and instead I travelled some more. I didn’t see myself living in the Netherlands forever and sought out to find a new home. 

At the time, I had been working in the hospitality industry and realised that I still had this urging sensation of wanting to do something bigger. I wanted to contribute to the environmental crises, but also follow my other passions in life. 

The idea of Outeroutes developed and I am really excited and thankful to have started this exciting phase in life! The company encompases the things I cherish most and can’t wait to share it with you! 

Thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll meet soon! Peaceeee


Hi guys, I’d like to share a short story with you.

Once upon a time there was a german guy who graduated in economical engineering to dedicate his time to renewable energies. He loved being part of what seemed to have become a necessity for our future wellbeing as a society. He learned and grew and had a good life in his beloved, yet a bit rainy Hamburg. But there was another call he needed to follow. The call of nature, of a different lifestyle, the call of the ocean. So one day he packed his van and took off. What seemed to be a sometimes intimidating adventure in the beginning, soon became his new life and he loved it. He worked on different continents in all kinds of camps and schools, teaching his favourite sport- surfing. He loves to be the host and to make sure everyone is happy. 

When he met his buddy Justin, the process of organically moving towards a mutual project started. Something that allowed them to live the way they liked, to share amazing adventures & their favourite places with new friends and use their creativity to build a new, sustainable concept of travelling. The result is what we call today: Outeroutes. 

It was a long and sometimes rocky road until here, but I’m humbled + happy about all experiences and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’d like to tell you all about it in one of our camps.  

Thanks for checking out our web page, I can’t wait to meet you! 🙂